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Decorative Window Film

Etched glass panels provide an elegant way of creating an entirely new look and feel to a space, but they can be costly. Decorative window films give the appearance of this expensive etched glass and can be used in many settings, including conference rooms, private offices, lobbies, glass partitions, stairway railing panels and wherever the look of decorative glass may be desired. Llumar's frosted window films come in different textures, patterns and looks, yet are easily removed to be replaced when a new look is desired. Play around with the llumar visualizer below to find your look and call RM Windowtint today to get started!

Flexible Design

Decorative window film allows you to bring visual effects, graphic patterns and even colors to any glass surfaces. Easily customize a space with a business logo design that can be changed whenever necessary.

Enhanced Privacy

Frosted window films allow light to pass through glass while protecting privacy in homes, offices, and commercial environments. It’s become a popular solution in creating privacy on office partitions.

Cost Effective

Etched glass is a very expensive option when compared with these versatile and aesthetically pleasing decorative window film treatments.

Glare Reduction

Frosted window films reduce eye strain and help improve conditions for office employees and residents alike.